12 October, 2010

launch for Madz

A new jewellery collection by Madz Has Runaway took centre stage last friday night as people gathered to see Madeleine's latest inventions.  There were chocolate crackles, champagne and merriment abound.

07 September, 2010


These scarves are incredible and I completely forgot to announce their arrival after discovering hand weaver Kyoko and her collection of lambswool scarves at the Melbourne Design Market in July.  Better late than not at all.. ta da!

01 March, 2010

some Melbourne glamour

Made by an avid collector of unusual and beautiful papers this collection of resin, silver (and paper) jewellery is sublime.  As you look through the surface of the resin each piece seems graced with a luminescence of sorts - shimmery in good measure.

14 January, 2010

vestiges of what once was

Colouring books remind me of being small with all the marvels and quandries one finds themselves in along the way.  Dylan Martorell's version has wonderfully imaginative illustrations and building upon the original artwork on each page is encouraged.    

13 December, 2009

Madz Has Runaway

Aside from being the kindest, gentlest lady I've ever known Madeleine Beatty's talents extend to designing and making the most delightful jewellery.  these resin bracelets have been set with small pieces of beautiful fabrics from her treasured collection of new and vintage remnants. 

18 November, 2009

another Ramona

A girl came into the shop on Saturday and introduced herself as Ramona which is a rare thing.  I was pretty chuffed to overhear her inform her friends as they wandered around that she was quite enamoured by the shop - I'm glad she approved!

The sumptious runner (above) is one of the newest designs by World Weave and comes in several sizes.  Skinny laMinx is the latest designer to grace the tienda shelves with cushion covers and napkins.  The colts design is inspired by ancient San rock paintings in the Cederberg mountains about 300km north of Cape Town where Heather lives.

06 November, 2009


what I admire most about textile designer Julie Paterson (founder of Cloth Fabric) is her aptitude for creating such stunning surface designs with a humble paper stencil.  Reminds us that understated can be beautiful too.